What unites us as a team at Jack Russell Consulting is the pronounced fascination for people with their individual talents and potential on the one hand and on the other for companies and their economic and social creative power. Understanding the individual requirements of our clients as comprehensively as possible and then tracking down the people who best fulfill them is the major challenge that we face each time with both passion and enthusiasm.

People are the originators, drivers, and ultimately the sole objectives of all economic activity. Every strategy and every concept, every product and every service is created exclusively by and for people, just like every success and failure.

Therefore, every company, however large or small, is first and foremost the sum of the ability, knowledge, and willingness, but also the creativity and loyalty of its employees. Wherever these parts work together optimally, this sum adds up to the famous “more.”

We have learned: At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.

  • We want to promote the people who trust us and the companies at which they are involved as best as possible as well as make them sustainable and successful.
  • We pay great attention to quality, efficient processes, transparent communication, care, and reliability in order to justify this trust.
  • We are firm believers in the sustainability of long-term, personal business relationships and the synergy of mutual benefit.
  • We are committed to achieving measurable added value for our customers on all projects.

It’s all about people!