Executive Search

Whether a key fits or not depends on the lock. As far as we are concerned, any search for the best suited management staff therefore always begins within your own company.

We conduct a series of detailed discussions with you in order to carry out a joint analysis of which professional, human, collaborative and cultural skills are the best match for the management position to be filled. As well as drawing up structural, content and personal requirements, we also identify corporate expectations with regard to the role and define operative and strategic objectives whilst having an eye to the market environment of your company at all times.

We use this detailed job profile as a basis for the development of an individual executive search strategy. Our experts use a network of experienced branch insiders and a continuously updated database of top talent to assist them in drawing up a list of potential candidates. We then approach these candidates directly and invite them to attend an interview.

We then use structured interviews to narrow the group of candidates down in a targeted way to create a manageable shortlist of high-quality potential nominees whose skills, experience and personality meet the aptitude profile defined earlier. Personal presentations are then staged to afford you an opportunity to get to know the most promising applicants personally and acquire the services of the candidate of your choice.

Our work does not, of course, end here. On request, we are happy to support you in contract negotiations all the way to successful conclusion and take on responsibility for issuing the necessary rejection information or for client feedback. We also provide extensive follow-up services in order to ensure that the expectations of both sides are met during the final recruitment and induction phase.