Career Counseling

The age of reliable and guaranteed jobs, routine promotions and career paths and in-house careers is over.

Only one thing is certain: The best can always find a slot to fit into. Are you one of them? Can you convince others that you are among the best?

Learn to enhance your own market value and to formulate a clear, succinct message. Tap your possibilities to the optimum. We can support you here with specific career counseling.

We have come up with a methodical approach to this, which will help you to unleash your career potential to the fullest.

Make use of our expertise and domain experience to enhance your personal growth. We will guide you professionally, work on you and for you: work with what you are, what you can be and what you want to be.

Our portfolio consists of three modules that you can avail of individually or in combination, and adapt to suit your needs.

Module 1: Positioning yourself

Your questions What sets me apart, what makes me useful to a company?
Have I done enough to achieve all professional goals?
How can I develop my strengths and bring them successfully to the fore?
Our solution Together with our Executive Development Experts, you will learn to focus on your strengths. You will be able to give a sharper focus to your target perceptions, define the necessary skills and compare them with a profile of your personal strengths. You will be able to see what you need to work on to get past the competition. The result of your personal profiling will be a well-founded performance balance sheet that will emphasise your value add and awaken the interest of your counterpart.

Module 2: Marketing yourself convincingly

Your questions How do I come across to others/What impression do I create on others?
What does my body language signify, what messages am I sending out unconsciously?
How can I bring forth my skills optimally in an encouraging/challenging environment?
Our solution In an atmosphere of confidence and trust, we will examine and train you in the way you present yourself at job interviews, career or network meetings. You can make use of your opportunity to get direct, supporting feedback from your Personal Coach. The professional mirroring will show you how your counterpart perceives you and how you can optimise the way you present yourself. Optionally, video analyses and elevator pitches (90-second spot) exercises will enable you to present yourself and your concerns in the most succinct and convincing form. As a result, you will gain the confidence to appear engaging, sovereign, confident and aware of your goals, even in critical situations.

Module 3: Test yourself with experts and expand your network in a focussed manner

Your questions Am I capable of catching the attention of the right people and the people who matter?
Have I tapped the entire bandwidth of possible target companies?
Am I successful in addressing the relevant decision makers?
Our solution As leading executive search specialists, we are connected to an exclusive network of authoritative decision makers in the HR field in German speaking countries. Do benefit from the possibility of sounding out the present job market comprehensively, and build up sound contacts with attractive companies and influential headhunters. In this way, you will be able to recognise opportunities for achieving your professional goals.