HR Advisory

What we offer

JRC’s HR Advisory Consultants are more than just experts in human capital – they are corporate consultants with a range of practical expertise who specialise in aligning the performance, behaviour and care of managers and employees with the corporate strategy. A lack of agreement between the aims of HR and business strategies affects companies in all industries and mainly grows from change, e.g. global expansion through acquisition or organic growth, restructuring of company divisions, standardisation of processes through new technologies or the phase-out of processes or systems. Our aim is to increase the performance, productivity and efficiency of companies through our cross-industry experience, innovative methods and tried and tested tools.

As the managing director of a company,

consider whether the HR department of your company makes the contribution to the company’s success that you need to be successful in the medium and long term.

  • Do you get the right number of properly qualified employees who are able to implement your plans?
  • Have you positioned your company strategically in terms of the company-wide salary system you use?
  • Do you offer incentives that support your aims and match your values?
  • Are you aware of your high-potential employees for future tasks and how do you prepare them for these tasks?
  • Are you sure that you are estimating the climate in all areas of your company correctly?
  • Do your managers behave towards the employees in a way that corresponds to your company’s values?
  • Did you consider how you could make your company attractive for women in order to get the best out of this sector of the job market?
  • Does your HR department have an optimized cost-benefit-structure?

As the head of HR within a company…,

consider whether your department has positioned itself correctly within the company.

  • Does the management board understand the contribution you and your team can make to the success of the company?
  • Is the HR strategy in harmony with the corporate goals?
  • Do you sufficiently support managers and employees?
  • Do you have enough process and performance indicators in order to be able to note changes in employee behaviour and to take appropriate and timely actions?
  • When and with whom did you last investigate the efficiency of your processes for talent management, personnel recruitment, salary structure, working atmosphere, administration and other aspects?
  • Do you know how your company can position itself correctly in terms of gender diversity in order to also make progress in this area?
  • Is your HR organisation structured in such a way that you can meet all of these demands?

The Jack Russell advisory team will be happy to discuss these and similar questions with you, and work with you to develop strategies and concepts that are robust and long-lasting.

We support you in aligning your HR strategy with your underlying corporate strategy, as well as in developing pragmatic solutions in areas such as:

HR processes, HR service delivery, HR process and performance indicators, HR outsourcing, onboarding of new managers, succession planning and compensation systems.